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About UpDog

What is Updog?

UpDog is a monthly box of treats and toys guaranteed to please the most persnickety pooch. As dog families we understand that each dog is unique. That's why every month we go the extra mile to deliver a customized monthly package of quality treats, toys and cool products that will surprise and delight both you and your dog.

What's in the box?

Each monthly UpDog package is unique and contains a variety of dog-related products. We have three styles: The Classic (a combination of toys and all-natural treats), The Chow Hound (all treats, all-natural, all the time), and The Grain Free (a combination of toys with treats that are wheat, corn and soy free). You can expect to receive 2-3 toys and goodies (Box), 4-6 items (Crate), 6-9 items (Trunk).

What are the Crate and Trunk all about?

Crate and trunk options are perfect for multi-dog families or homes with a dog the size of a Shetland pony. The Crate is for families with 1-2 dogs and the Trunk is for those with 2+ dogs.

Are the items safe for my dog? Where are they made?

Every item is safe for your dog! We select only the highest quality items from reputable manufacturers who stand behind their products, with a focus on small businesses. Our own dog pack tries each product first to ensure we get canine approval!

What charities does UpDog support?

A portion of our proceeds goes to help dogs in need. UpDog has partnered with PAWS of Chicago, the city's largest no-kill humane organization. As we grow, UpDog plans to add additional pawtners in other cities around the U.S. If you have an organization you'd like to recommend for our support, please let us know.

Getting Your Subscritiption

How do I start my UpDog subscription?

Getting UpDog is easy! Click choose the style and CLICK "WE WANT THIS ONE" then pick the size that fits your dog family best. You have the option of getting your UpDog Box monthly or every other month. Then, enter your shipping and billing information. Note: UpDog subscriptions automatically renew every month unless you notify us on or before the 9th.

When will I be billed?

You will be billed for the entire amount of your selected subscription plan when you complete checkout. All subscription plans renew automatically. We will notify you prior to your renewal date before your subscription is charged to your account.

When will I get my UpDog package?

UpDog ships the last week of each month.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free to all UpDog customers within the lower 48 states. We'll notify you via email just when your package ships. Note: UpDog does not currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii or or other countries

Where is my UpDog package?

Not to fear, if your delivery is late or missing we will help sort it out! Please email arf@updogbox.com if you haven’t received your box by the date shown in your shipment notification email.

How do I change my shipping address?

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My UpDog box arrived damaged. What do I do?

We wish this never happened, but sometimes it does. Please take pictures and email them to us as soon as possible More pictures are better - they help us resolve damaged shipment issues faster. Our shipping team will want to see what happened so they can identify anything that could help us improve. Please email arf@updogbox.com with any questions.

Gifts & Referrals

Can I give UpDog as a gift?

Yes you can - UpDog make an excellent gift for friends and family! You can gift any UpDog plan to friends and family in the 48 contiguous states. Just click on "GIVE A BOX" and pick the style and size that fits best. Next, choose how many months you want to give, then, give us your payment information and the address of the gift recipient. You can even add a gift message so we can personalize your gift! Note: gift orders do NOT automatically renew and at checkout you are charged for the total number of months you selected.

Do you have a referral program?

We have a Loyalty Program! Every box you purchase or give as a gift earns you points towards free stuff. You also earn points if someone you refer buys! Check out our Loyalty Program here:
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Managing Your Account

How do I update my account info and/or payment options?

Log into your UpDog account, where you can edit your email and password, shipping and billing addresses, payment information and other details. Note: please make any changes by the 20th of the month to ensure they take effect by the next shipment.

Can I change my subscription?

If you want to change your subscription, please email us at arf@updogbox.com and we'll help you update your style, size or frequency.

How do I cancel my subscription?

First, we recommend that you consult your dog before making any rash decisions! You may cancel your subscription at any time - just send an email toarf@updogbox.com. You must cancel by the 5th of the month for the cancellation to be effective before the next renewal.  

Talking With UpDog

Great FAQs, but I need to speak to a real live person!

We are here for you, oh fellow dog lover. Give us a call at (I DON’T HAVE A NUMBER YET), weekdays from 9am-5pm CST. Please leave us a voicemail if we can't pick up - we return all calls promptly.

I have a unique opportunity for UpDog - who can I talk to?

Great Pyrenees - we love big ideas! Do you have a press-related inquiry? Do you have a cool product you'd like us to consider for inclusion in an upcoming UpDog package? Do you have a different question? Just email arf@updogbox.com and we'll make sure the right person gets back to you.

How do I get a job with UpDog?

Although we don't have any openings currently, UpDog is growing in leaps and bounds. We are always looking for people who share our passion for dogs. If you would like more information on potential opportunities at UpDog, please contact us  at arf@updogbox.com.

Returns & Exchanges

General Information

UpDog wishes there was never a need for a return or exchange, but unfortunately these things do happen. In the event you wish to return your product or you received a defective product, we will always makes every effort to make the exchange and return process simple and reasonable. We would like to save you time and avoid costly shipping charges by resolving these situations with email and phone calls whenever possible.

Product Defects

Document the defect and email UpDog: If any of the Products are defective, please contact us at arf@updogbox.com. Include a phone number where we can contact you, product name or description, the defect, any description of how you found it or how it happened and ALWAYS take pictures. With pictures and details given via email we are able to quickly resolve nearly all of these cases.

UpDog Review: After receiving your email, we will review the case and respond within 1 business day with our resolution unless we require more information. We will email all requests and may ask for a phone call. The requirement in these cases is to provide proof of a defect. This helps UpDog work with our manufacturer partners to improve. If closer inspection is required, we may request you ship the defective product to us. Don’t worry, we’ll cover the shipping cost. Upon receipt of return product, we will contact you within one business day with our resolution.

Product Returns

Generally, UpDog does not accept returns unless a product is defective. However, we reserve the right to accept a return and provide a refund in certain cases.

Document and email UpDog: If you would like to return your product, please contact us at arf@updogbox.com. Include your phone number, product name or description, pictures of the product so we can see the condition, the reason you desire the return and anything else that will help us understand.

UpDog Review: After receiving your email, we will review the case and contact you within 1 business day with our resolution.